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Fluke 744 Documenting Process Calibrator

The Fluke 744 combines HART communication capability to deliver an integrated communicating calibrator. This rugged, reliable tool is ideal for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting HART and other instrumentation.

The Fluke 744 does the work of several tools - sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature, and electrical signals in one rugged, hand-held device.

For documentation, the 744 automates calibration procedures and captures your data.

The 744 Process Calibrator provides unmatched functionality for industrial applications, including sourcing and measurement, creation and execution of automated procedures, automated results capturing, transmitter mode, bar code data entry, serial interface, data logging and HART communication functions. It handles fast-pulse RTD transmitters and PLCs with pulses as short as 1 mS. The 744 is powered by a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery with 3500 mA hour capacity and ‘gas gauge.'


The integrated HART communication functions enable the user to monitor, control and calibrate HART instrumentation. The 744 can be used to "query" other HART devices to determine their type, manufacturer, model and serial numbers. The 744 fully complies with the Data Link Layer of the HART protocol, addressing multiple masters, burst mode and multi-drop configurations. Moreover, the 744's 2 MB of memory provides device-specific support for a wide range of popular transmitters.

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