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Fast & In-House

Traceable Calibration and Expert Repair Service


Accuracy & Reliability In Every Step

Experience unmatched quality and service with Stratatek Test & Measurement, your trusted partner for Calibration and Repair. Our highly skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and adherence to industry standards guarantee accurate calibration and efficient repair of your electronic equipment. With a seamless integration of Calibration and Repair, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Thorough, repeatable, and accurate.

Stratatek Calibration Services

Traceable Calibration

We offer NIST and NRC Traceable Calibration Services. Our laboratory standards are kept with active ISO 17025 accredited calibration, so your test equipment is traceable all the way back to primary laboratories.

Stratatek Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping Daily

Get your equipment promptly and conveniently with our effective shipping services.

Stratatek Dedicated Experts

Dedicated Experts

Our dedicated team of experts ensures the utmost accuracy and reliability in every calibration and repair process. The technicians regularly attend training from the top manufacturers such as Fluke, Megger, Guildline, and others.

Stratatek Pickup and Delivery

Pickup And Delivery By Stratatek

Enjoy the convenience of pickup and delivery in the Greater Toronto Area and Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Schedule a pickup and see minimums.

Fast Turnaround on Calibration and Repair Services

Fast Turnaround

Most products are calibrated in under 3 business days and specialized custom calibration completed in less than 2 weeks.

Stratatek Integration Repair Approach

Integrated Repair Approach

Our integrated calibration & repair approach allows us to swiftly identify failures, perform service, and return units to calibration, all within the same facility.

Our Calibration & Repair Capabilities

Stratatek Test & Measurement calibrates and repairs hundreds of types of equipment catering to a wide array of industries and businesses. Our calibration & repair lab provides fast and cost-effective solutions as your equipment is always our top priority. To get the instruments back in your hands, We offer convenient to/from shipping options including supplying prepaid labels, handling all customs and import paperwork, and updating you about the status along the way.


Customization is at the core of our services. To align with your equipment’s intended application, we gladly accommodate specific test points and procedures you request. Contact us at or call 1 (888) 868-4546, and speak directly with a lab technician today.


Refer below to the most common types of instruments we calibrate and repair, contact us about any instruments not listed.

Electrical Equipment Calibration and Repair

Electrical/Electronic (DC + LF) Equipment

Our calibration and repair services cover a wide range of electrical and electronic instruments used in various industries. DC and LF equipment can include multimeters, calibrators, power quality analyzers, power supplies, clamp meters.

Motor Test Equipment Calibration and Repair

Motor Test Equipment

Electric motor test equipment requires periodic calibration to ensure accurate and reliable performance. At Stratatek, we calibrate a variety of motor testers, including high voltage surge testers, winding analyzers, and dynamic motor testers. We calibrate Schleich motor testers such as MA1, MA2, MTC2, MTC3, and DMA. Our lab is also capable of calibrating Megger Baker Motor Analyzers such as ADX, AWA, DX, MTR105 and DMA EXP4000. Stratatek is also equipped to service Electrom Motor and Surge Testers such as iTIG and PLTA units.

Process, Control, and Calibration Equipment Repair and Calibration

Process, Control, and Calibration Equipment

Process calibration includes test and measurement equipment such as multimeters or portable/handheld calibrators. It might also include process instruments and sensors, such as pressure or temperature transmitters. Electrical, temperature, pressure, or a combination of parameters might need to be measured and adjusted. The calibration process usually involves both measurement and sourcing, using a precision source to test a measurement instrument, and a precision measurement device to test a sourcing instrument.


Stratatek follows direct procedures from the manufacturer to calibrate process calibrators such as Fluke 724, 725, 726, 741B, 743B, 744, 753, and 754. Processmeters and milliamp Loop calibrators also fall under this category. We also calibrate Beamex MC2, MC5, and MC6 process calibrators.

High Voltage and Substation Equipment Repair and Calibration

High Voltage and Substation Equipment

To ensure safety and quality, high voltage and substation equipment require precise calibration. At Stratatek, we perform traceable high voltage calibrations up to 200kV for both AC and DC with a high voltage system (divider and multimeter) that is kept in an active state of ISO 17205 accreditation. Transformer test equipment is one of our specialties, we calibrate turns ratio testers, winding resister testers, power factor test sets, and much more.


Our technicians are familiar with and have had training from the manufacturers for HiPot testers including Hubbell Hipotronics, HV Inc, and Phenix.

Laboratory Standards Calibration and Repair

Laboratory Standards

Laboratory standards are the foundation of all test and measurement organizations. At Stratatek, We
provide fast, transparent, and proper calibrations for your equipment. We can characterize resistors or
shunts, adjust multifunction calibrators, and get your long scale 8.5 digit multimeters dialed in to meet
the specifications as laid out by the manufacturer and national standards.

Calibration Service Options

Depending on the quality policy requirements of your company and the required industry standards, Stratatek offers three levels of Calibration and Certification. Contact us today for more information.


Standard Calibration

You receive an NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration and Dated Calibration Label. Instrument is Calibrated to manufacturer's specifications or customer requirements. 


Calibration with Data

You receive all measured calibration data from the performance verification process, an NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, and Dated Calibration Label. Instrument is Calibrated to manufacturer's specifications or customer requirements.


Calibration with Data and Uncertainties

You receive all measured calibration data plus uncertainties, an NIST Traceable Certification of Calibration, and Dated Calibration Label. Instrument is Calibrated to manufacturer's specifications or customer requirements. As-found/As-left data is provided. Tolerances and Detailed Uncertainties is provided. Compliant to ISO 17025 (not yet Certified).

On-Site Calibration

Experience the convenience and reliability of our on-site calibration services and elevate the performance of your equipment with minimal disruption to your operations. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, our team of experienced technicians are ready to tailor the solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule an on-site calibration or to learn more about our customized solutions for your business.


1. Plan

Tailored calibration solutions are crafted after reviewing your equipment and requirements.


2. Schedule

Convenient on-site visits are scheduled to minimize disruption to your operations.


3. Calibrate

Our expert technicians perform precise calibrations at your facility.


4. Document

Comprehensive documentations and certificates are provided for calibrated equipment. 

Experience exceptional calibration and repair services at Stratatek Test & Measurement.
Contact us for a quote today.

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