UT-ONE B03A is accurate and versatile 3 channels thermometer readout. UT-ONE B03A is capable of measuring platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermocouples. Optionally, an ambient combined probe may be used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature and relative humidity). UT-ONE B03A features a color touch screen which presents measured data in graphical and numerical format. UT-ONE B03A can be operated in a stand-alone mode or connected to the computer via the serial or USB interface. UT-ONE B03A can be battery-operated from the internal LiPo battery, which provides up to eight hours of standalone operation.


Available Options:

  • Ambient conditions probe - used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature - TA and relative humidity - RH). It can be connected to the 4-pole circular connector located above the touch screen directly or indirectly with the 2 m extension cable.
  • Plastic Carrying Case

Batemika UT-ONE B03A 3-Channel Thermometer Readout PRT TC

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