The RSE-series is characterized by the 1 mm step size, the Heat scanning feature and it's large working area (up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm). The RSE-series comes in three different sizes: RSE 321, RSE 642, and RSE 644. 


The MultiScan measurement enables you to generate field plots from any frequency within the measured wide band span. This powerful feature is a major improvement and it gives an enormous amount of information.


The scanner system also includes a Heat-Scanner feature.Heat scanner is a high-resolution measuring system for anyone wishing to measure temperature accurately and inexpensively. The measurements are presented graphically as either two or three-dimensional images


Detectus RSE Series EMC Scanners

  • Model RSE 321 RSE 642 RSE 644


    Volume (in mm)

    300x200x100 600x400x200 600x400x400

    Movement in XYZ-Axis

    (in mm)

    300x200x100 600x400x200 600x400x200
    Size (in mm) 620x500x550 920x700x750 920x700x950
    Weight 23 kg 36 kg 37 kg