• Wide input voltage range 90 -264 V with active PFC
  • Output power ratings: 0 - 160 W
  • Output voltages: 0 - 40 V
  • Output currents: 0 - 10 A
  • Flexible, power regulated output stage
  • Supervision (OVP, OCP, OPP)
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • Remote sensing
  • Colour display for values, status and notifications
  • Optional, galvanically isolated interfaces (analog /digital)
  • SCPI and ModBus RTU Supported
  • LabView VI Supported

Elektro-Automatik EA-PS 3040-10 C 160W DC Lab Power Supply 40V/10A

  • Please allow 3 - 4 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Inquire for data sheets or any additional information about this product or other offerings from Elektro-Automatik.

    Comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

    • roduct Type: DC Laboratory Power Supply
      Housing: Desktop (table)
      Voltage (U): 40.00
      Current (I) Ampere: 10.00
      Power (P) Watt: 160.00
      Resistance (R): No
      Characteristic Curve: U/I conventional
      Human Interface: Simple manual controls
      ext. control - analogue 0-5V/0-10V: Yes
      external control - GPIB (IEEE488): No
      external control - USB: Yes
      external control - RS232: No
      external control - CAN: No
      external control - LAN: Yes