The GF112 portable single phase standard meter is hand-held and lightweight. It is suitable for electric power departments, measuring and quality examining departments and electric lab field use. It is capable of testing various types of single phase meters on site and can also be used for testing alternating current parameters.

  • Field test kinds of inductive, electronic single phase meter
  • Measurement error, voltage, current, power, power factor and frequency at site
  • LCD color display, English menu, direct viewing and convenient
  • Equip with RS232 to connect with PC
  • With built-in 5A load
  • Energy accumulation function
  • Large capacity storage device for mass memory
  • With 2pcs clamp CT to test ratio of current transformer. (Optional)

GFUVE GF112 Portable Single Phase Electric Meter Tester

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks. 

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