The GF112B Single-Phase kWh Meter Calibrator is suitable to test various types of single phase meters on site and can also be used to test alternating current parameters.

  • It combine the current clamp and the meter together, displayed by colorful and touch-screen.
  • The AAA Li-battery can work 4 hours continuously.
  • With wide voltage measuring range 15-300V and current measuring range 0.005-120A.
  • 4It can display all the measuring parameters in one screen.
  • The current clamp has automatic compensation and calibration function with accuracy class 0.2%
  • The meter and clamp have Integration design.
  • 16 bit high accuracy AD switch 32 bit ARM processor core.
  • Automatically record and save 999 groups calibrate data.
  • Micro-multifunction optic sample.
  • Manually/automatically test inductive single phase meters.
  • Manually/automatically test electric single phase meters.
  • It can measure virtual value of alternating voltage.
  • It can measure virtual value of alternating current.
  • Testing parameters: active power, phase angle of voltage/current and frequency etc.
  • Automatically store testing data, it can save 999 group test results.

GFUVE GF112B Single Phase KWH Meter Calibrator

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks. 

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