It is suitable for electric power company distribution networks, automation departments, petrochemical, coal mine, railway and steel industry etc, to power automation departments use.

  • Lightweight portable: the integrated module, weighing 6.8 kg;
  • The fastest output (10 ms): by high performance 32 bit CPU, the frequency of 1.2 G;
  • Stable fastest (1s): hardware PID, the output of the standard resource without delay, fast response;
  • With the strongest load, load regulation rate fast, single phase with resistance sex load 15 VA; with pure capacitive load (0.33 uf);
  • Harmonic supreme: standard device can output 2-63 times higher harmonic;
  • Stability, and the best, stability for 0.01% / min; English or Chinese display.
  • Two kinds of frequency output: but at the same time points in different frequency voltage output; And amplitude can adjust arbitrarily output;
  • Powerful Software, the operation is simple, convenient, three steps can complete verification;
  • Debugging far move communication protocols, as many as 20 types, covering domestic all factories statute

GFUVE GF303B 3 Phase Phantom Load Electric Portable Power Supply

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks. 

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