The GF303P is designed as the power source for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test. Adopts advanced technology to be anti-interference. Good stability, high degree of automation, easy to carry. Electrical measurement in Power system, thermal, remote, scheduling and so on Inspection for high precision standard source power institute and company,Supply standard input for EMC test for Metrology Institute, Electric Power Academy of Sciences tandard source in EMC lab EMC test to inspect meter accuracy Also can work with other instrument in EMC lab like surge generator, group of pulse generator, frequency drop generator, electrostatic generator etc.

  • The use of special technology and process, the power supply output anti-interference ability, suitable for various electromagnetic compatible immunity test
  • Voltage, current and phase, power factor, frequency, etc will set up and take load regulation
  • It can be set up 2~50 harmonics amplitude and phase, and it can be added to the fundamental wave in every harmonic output
  • Frequency points phase adjustable (U1U2 and U3 phase)
  • Voltage and current output range wide, big power, high stability, waveform distortion small
  • Strong loading ability, and it can take capacity, sensibility, impedance load or composite type load, and the load regulation RG is higher than 0.01%
  • The 32 bit MPU + DSP + FPGA, powerful agile
  • Hardware PID, fast response, load change will not cause output fluctuations
  • Power frequency weekly wave is as high as 50000 points of waveform kneading, signal output without filtering, waveform output precision, harmonic output precision, harmonic distortion small
  • Range automatic switching; Software calibration, simple operation, stable and reliable
  • The large screen 320 x 240 liquid crystal display (LCD), English interface, simple operation
  • Perfect over-current, over-voltage, overheating, short circuit, open circuit, overload protection, automatic fault detection
  • With RS232 interface, it can connect with PC.

GFUVE GF303P EMC Test and Measurement Equipment Power Source

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks. 

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