GF335 three phase and harmonics power quality analyzer is suitable for power company, technical supervision department, industrial, mining, petroleum as well as chemical, home appliances and manufacturing enterprises.

  • Ultra-compact design, handheld, small size, light weight.
  • The usage of multi-channel power supply, AC power supply can also be rechargeable battery-powered machine.
  • High accuracy instrument, good stability and wide range of voltage monitoring 0-1200V, current 0-500A.
  • It can be divided into direct current clamp measurements and precision measurements.
  • It can measure three phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, phase, etc.
  • Showing the AC waveform, vector diagram and determining the 3P3W connection errors.
  • It can measure harmonics ration from 2nd to 64th and the harmonic analysis.
  • The measured data can record, query and upload print.
  • Instrument calibration by using software to facilitate the correction instrument variation.

GFUVE GF335 Portable 3 Phase Harmonics Power Quality Analyzer

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks. 

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