COMBI420 is an innovative multifunction installation tester designed to perform all safety test verifies on electrical installations in compliance to recently standards (VDE0100, BS7671 and so on, measure and save results of environmental parameters (illuminanance, temperature), leakage currents and active power, harmonics, power factor measurements on single phase systems. The meter it’s very easy to use and have a wide number of internal features which are selectable by using the multilanguage menu. The multifunction installation tester COMBI420 permits, moreover, to start principal measures by using a special remote prove (PR400 optional accessory) particular useful to perform tests in very quickly mode and the AUTO internal function to perform sequential measurements of Global Earth Resistance, test on RCDs’ and Insulation directly on sockets of civil installations. A contextual help menu selectable by user it’s available for each measurement function and permits a valid information during connection of meter to the installation. The newest electronic function selector give to the meter a extreme rugged structure for perfect using “on field”. A wide internal memory permits the saving of any measurements and the transfer to PC by serial port with dedicated software it’s possible. Each measure it’s saved with all the sub-results and test parameters with up to two ID locators (selectable by user on meter) in order to reach the exact point where the measure was performed


Includes TOPVIEW 2006 multi-language management interface software


  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Output connector: USB
  • Compatibility: Windows XP-7-8-10 (32/64 bit)

HT Instruments Combi420 Multi-function Tester - With TOPVIEW 2006

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time for this product to arrive.  Please contact us for any additional information. 

    This item comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Product Highlights

    • Continuity test with 200mA
    • Insulation with 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 VDC
    • Trip out time of RCDs type AC, A Standard and Selective
    • Trip out current of RCDs type AC, A Standard and Selective up to 1A
    • Line/Loop Impedance P-P, P-N, P-PE
    • Line/Loop Impedance with high accuracy (with IMP57 optional accessory)
    • Prospective short circuit current
    • Contact voltage
    • Global Earth Resistance without RCD tripping
    • Phase sequence indication
    • AUTO function: (Ra + RDC test + Insulation) on plug
    • AC TRMS voltage and current
    • Active, Reactive, Apparent power and power factor on single phase system
    • Harmonics voltage/current up the 49th and THD% on single phase system
    • Environmental parameters measure (°C, °F, %RH, Lux, sound level)
    • Measure with remote probe (PR400 optional accessory)
    • Leakage current
    • Data HOLD
    • Contextual help at display
    • Internal memory
    • Optical-USB interface with PC connection

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