HTA105 was designed for air speed measurement with selection of European or Anglo-Saxon measuring units. The hot wire anemometer carries out measurements using an extensible telescopic probe capable of taking also measurements of temperature and humidity thanks to its built-in sensors.


Additional functions include measurement of air volumetric flow rate (CMM and CFM parameters) as well as calculation of average values in space and time. HTA105 is fitted with MAX/MIN and Data HOLD function in addition to an internal memory to store air speed measuring results. It is provided with a back-lighted double display and auto power off to save internal battery life.

HT Instruments HTA105 Hot Wire Digital Anemometer - Air Temperature Measurement

    • Measurement of air speed through hot-wire sensor
    • Measurement of volumetric flow rate of air in m3 /min (CMM) and ft3 /min (CFM)
    • Measurement of air temperature in °C/°F with internal sensor
    • Measurement of relative humidity %RH with internal sensor
    • Measurement of Maximum and Minimum value
    • Calculation of average over time and by spots
    • Data HOLD
    • Display backlight
    • Auto Power OFF
  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive.

    Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty.