The IC testing system is designed for the measuremet of EMC behavior of circuits (ICs) at specific radiated or conducted disturbance influences and for transmission measurements. The test IC is tested in operation. The ICE1 test environment generates the functional environment of the test ICs. The respective measuring task is done with the appropriate probe set. These sets are not included in the scope of delilvery.


The test IC is installed on the test PC board. The costumer can prepare the test PC board (IC test instructions of Langer EMV-Technik GmbH) or the costumer can place an order at Langer EMV-Technik GmbH. The PC board is inserted into the GND 25 ground plate and via a connector connected to CB 0708 connecting board. Other ICE1 set components are: different ground adapter for testing different PC boards, connection board control software, an oscilloscope adapter for transforming measured signals in order to visualize them at the oscilloscope. Additional equipment for setting up IC test stations are included in the scope of delivery as well.


ICE1 Set Scope of Delivery Includes:

  • 1xCB 0708, Connection Board
  • 1xCB Control, Connection Board Control Software
  • 1xCU 22, Control Unit
  • 1xGND 25, Ground Plane
  • 1xGNDA 01, Ground Adapter 22.9 mm x 22.9 mm
  • 1xGNDA 02, Ground Adapter 32.9 mm x 32.9 mm
  • 1xGNDA 03, Ground Adapter 22.9 mm x 68.3 mm
  • 1xGNDA 04, Ground Adapter 45.8 mm x 68.3 mm
  • 1xOA 4005, Oscilloscope Adapter
  • 1xDM-CAM, Digital Microscope Camera
  • 1xSGA 30, Probe Adapter
  • 1xSGA 45, Probe Adapter
  • 1xTH 22, Probe Head Holder
  • 1xPMK ARM 130, Universal Holder
  • 1xUSB-AB, USB Cable Type A-B
  • 1xNT FRI EU, Power Supply Unit
  • 1xICE1 acc, Accessories
  • 1xICE case, System Case
  • 1xICE1 m, ICE1 Set User Manual

Langer EMV ICE1 Set IC Test Environment

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Made and manufactured in Germany.

    Comes with a One Year warranty from the manufacturer.

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