The MP ESD generator calibration set measuring station measures the curve shape of an ESD generator discharge current. Furthermore, transient processes in the discharge current curve shape can be measured and visualized in the frequency range up to 3 GHz. During testings, these transient processes have influence on the testing results. The scattering between different types of ESD generators can be traced back (among others) to this phenomenon. To achieve a reproducible testing result, the discharge current curve shape, which is generated by the ESD generator and defined by the IEC 61000-4-2, should be regularly checked. The mobile measuring station fits on the developer`s work place and can be easily installed and removed. On request, the MP ESD generator calibration set is available in a taller work space (900 x 500 x 650) mm.

Langer EMV MP ESD Generator Calibration Set Measurement of the Discharge Current

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    • 1xSM 02-01 SMA, Shunt
    • 1xGNDA 02, Ground Adapter 32.9 mm x 32.9 mm
    • 1xGND 25, Ground Plane
    • 1xGP 23, Ground Plate
    • 1xBZ 23-1, Shielding Material
    • 1xZG 23-1, Tent Poles
    • 2xSMA-SMA 1m ds, SMA-SMA Double-Shielded Measurement Cable
    • 2xSMA-SMA 1m sm
    • 1xSMA-SMA rt 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, red
    • 1xSMA-SMA bl 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, blue
    • 1xSMA-SMA ge 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, yellow
    • 1xSMA-SMA gr 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, green
    • 1xMP ESD calibration case, System Case
    • 1xMP ESD calibration m, MP ESD Calibration Set User Manual

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