Designed to meet the industry need for continuous trouble free operation and flexible running parameters, the ActiveCountR is the right choice to meet your viable sampling needs.

The ActiveCountR can be operated either via local start/stop button or remotely via software interface.


Utalizing either a side mount or bottom mount 316L stainless steel impactor, the ActiveCountR offers superior sampling flexibility to meet all of your viable sampling needs.

The compact size provides true "plug and play" functionality in an easy to use package that quickly integrates into the LMS Pharma or PMS Express real time monitoring systems from Lighthouse.  Whether you are sampling within a cleanroom or inside of a Biosafety Cabinet or Laminar Flow Bench, the ActiveCountP will meet your cGMP compliant monitoring needs.

Lighthouse ActiveCountR Microbial Sampler

    • Designed for ISO 14698 Compliance
    • 1 CFM (28.3 LPM) sample rate
    • Utilizes an external vacuum system
    • Local start/stop control or remote control via software
    • Stainless steel enclosure
    • Single start/stop push button
    • Local LED status indicators
      • Power
      • Flow
      • Sampling
    • Third party validated sampling head