The mulpurpose high accurate handheld indictator is not only suitable for very LR-Cal LHM precise measurement of pressure in the field, but also specially as reference instrument for calibraon, verificaon and adjustment of pressure, force or torque reading instruments. The analog-digital converter‘s resoluon of 50,0000 digits works with all LR-Cal reference sensors with 2mV/V signal. Via menu it is possible to set zero-point and span as well as linearisaon with 5 points. The measurement rate of up to 4,800 measurements per second make this handheld instrument ideal for detecon of max. or min. values (PEAKs).


Comes with USB charger, factory calibration certificate, plastic carry case, and user manual.



  • LHM - includes transit case, and USB charger. Has no internal sensor
  • LH-GP with internal gauge pressure sensor ±0.1% FS with calibration certificate

                (Ranges: 0 - 100/500mbar, 0 - 1/2.5/5mbar) 

  • LHM-AP with internal absolute pressor sensor ±0.1% FS with calibration certificate

                (Ranges: 0 - 500mbar, 0 - 1/2.5/5mbar)

  • LHM VA with internal pressure/vacuum sensor ±0.1% FS with calibration certificate

                (Ranges: -100 to 100mbar, -500 ro 500mbar, -1 to 1/2.5/5bar

  • LHM DP with internal differential pressure sensor ±0.1% FS with calibration certificate

                (Ranges: 0 to 100/500mbar, 0 to 1/2.5/5bar


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LHM Handheld Pressure Indicator Peter

    • With internal pressure or without internal sensor.
    • External sensors for pressure 
    • Rigid aluminium housing, portable.
    • Up to 4800 measurements per second, programmable.
    • Data logger (130,000 measured values).
    • USB interface.
    • PEAK funcon, posive and negave.
    • First PEAK“ detection, programmable.
    • Programmable filter and average function.
    • Chargeable Li-Ion ba ery, incl. USB charger.
    • 15 pressure units, 9 force/weight units, 8 torque units.
    • Up to 7 external sensors, also mixed, automac sensor recognition.
    • Possibility of linearisation and calibration of the sensor(s).
    • Optional WIRELESS data transmission.

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