With this reference temperature sensors you can increase significant the measurement accuracy of the LR-Cal Dry Block & Fluid Bath temperature calibrators (-2I versions). The measuring range is 0°C...+1400°C. This makes this external sensor ideal for the dry block temperature calibrator LR-Cal SOLAR. Optional factory and DAkkS certificates of calibration are available.

They are suitable for direct connection to the with "REF" marked measuring input of the -2I versions. The temperature values of the external reference sensors LR-Cal LRT F are indicated on the second line of the display of the LR-Cal temperature calibrators (-2I versions). 

The LR-Cal LRT F reference temperature sensors are thermally preconditioned to ensure long term stability and to minimise the risk of contamination when used at high temperatures.

Wooden case comes standard with LRT F 1400.


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LRT F 1400 Thermocouple Type S Reference Temperature Sensor Probe

Level of Certificate
  • Range °C 0...+1400
    Dimension mm Order-Code LRT-F-0000-1400-70:
    500 x 7.0 diameter

    Wooden case included in scope of standard delivery
    Sensor   S Pt-Pt 10% Rhodium, type S
    Isolation   MgO
    Sheath   High purity aluminium KER 710
    Cable m 1m (compensated)
    Connection   Miniature plug type S

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