In order to enable an accurate generation of the measuring points, the pressure comparison pump LR-Cal LSP 1600-BM is provided with a fine adjustable spindle pump. In addition, the LR-Cal LSP 1600-BM feature a spindle which only runs withing the pump body. Thus there is no adverse bending moment acting on an outstanding spindle, and particularly for field use this has the advantage that the dimension of these pressure comparison pumps will not change when the spindle is turned during operation. The LR-Cal LSP 1600-BM needs only little force to generate also high pressures.

  • Hydraulic pressure source for calibration purposes, generates pressure up to 1600 bar
  • Operating fluid: hydraulic fluid on mineral oil base
  • Including priming pump
  • Version with robust metal housing


Included in standard scope of delivery:

  • Pressure test pump LR-Cal LSP 1600-BM
  • Operating manual


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LSP 1600-BM Bench Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Pump 1600 bar

  • Pressure range [bar] 0...1600
    Medium   hydraulic fluids on mineral oil base
    Pressure ports   2 x 1/2" BSP female rotating, with O-ring
    Fluid reservoir cm³ 250
    Piston diameter [mm] 8
    Swept volume per revolution [cm³] approx. 3,9 (each turn about 0.1)
    Needed force [Nm] at 250 bar: 2.0; at 500 bar: 4.0; at 1000 bar: 8.0
    Materials   Brass, stainless steel, aluminium, FKM, NBR
    Distance between pressure ports [mm] 300
    Dimension [mm] 400 x 375 x 265 (withour star handles)
    Weight [kg] 20.0
    Housing   Robust metal housing with adjustable feet
    Order-Code   LSP-1000-BM
    1. Blind plugs for pressure ports (1/2" BSP), made in stainless steel, PN 3600 bar. Two pcs. required.
    2. Spare O-rings for pressure ports (1/2" BSP), bag with 10 pcs.
    3. Set of stainless steel adapters for unit under test connection, in small plastic case1/4" BSP, 3/8" BSP, 1/2" NPT and M20x1.5
    4. 90° angled adapter 1/2" BSP, needed for test items with
      back connection