The new Meatest 9010 Muti-Function Electrical Calibrator has a basic 35ppm accuracy with output up to 1050V/20A AC/DC and is intended for customers looking to replace their Fluke or Wavetek 9100 calibrator. The 9010 also has a built in process DMM for high accuracy measurements of DCV and DCI process signals.


The Meatest 9010 has an insulation testing option up to 1500V, and is able to calibrate high burden Analogue meters plus an Oscilloscope calibration option up to 400MHz and outputs AC/DC Power, Energy as well as Capacitance, RTD, Thermocouple.


Coils for clamp meter calibration are available for purchase to boost the current output.


This item comes standard with factory calibration certificate, user manual, standard power cable, red/black test leads, and USB cable.


Available Options:

SCO Scope extension 400 MHz
HVR High voltage resistance extension 1.5 kV
MER Multimeter extension
9010-60 Cable adapter for R4W/RTD input
91 Pt100 cold junction compensator


Meatest 9010 Multifunction Calibrator 1050V 20A AC/DC 35ppm

  • Data sheet is available upon request

    Please allow 4 -5 weeks lead time for this new item to arrive. 

    This item comes with a two year (24 month) warranty from the manufacturer.

    This item is only available to Canadian customers.