The PTS 3.3 C portable test system consists of an integrated three-phase current and voltage source and a three-phase electronic ref- erence standard of accuracy class 0.05%. Characteristic features of the PTS 3.3 C are its wide measuring range, high accuracy 
and high tolerance to unwanted external influences. The PTS 3.3 C allows the monitoring of meter installations as well as analysis of the local mains conditions.


•     Easy verification of meters under precise load conditions, using the built-in, compact, 
current and voltage source
•     Automatic  operation  with  predefined  load  points  without  the need for an external PC
•     Exchangeable Compact Flash (CF) memory card for measure- ment results and customer data
•     Display of vector diagram and phase sequence for analysis of the supply conditions
•     User-friendly system for data input and operation of combined source and reference meter
•     The  system  may  be  used  either as  a stand-alone  reference standard meter, or together with the integrated power source


•     Independent generation of single or three-phase loading con- ditions for verification of 
•     Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement for three phase, 3 or 4-wire, systems with integrated error calculator and pulse output
•     Vector  diagram,  harmonics  spectrum,  wave  form  and  rotary field display for analysis of the mains conditions
•     Burden measurement of Current Transformer (CT) and Poten- tial Transformer (PT)
•     On site meter measurements
•     Verification of energy registration

MTE - PTC 3.3 C - Three Phase Portable Test System With Reference Standard

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