The K 2006 is a three phase comparator which has been especially developed for universal laboratory and test area use. It is intended for checking and cal-ibration of reference standard power and energy me-ters, for calibration of precision current and voltage sources and for verification of electrical standard measurements and electricity meter test systems.
The unit uses analogue - digital converters (ADCs) for its data acquisition, these being controlled and read by a digital signal processor (DSP).


The comparator may be directly connected to an ex-ternal computer system over its RS 232 C serial inter-face. The comparator is distinguished by having very wide measuring ranges for all AC values while still being of accuracy class 0.01%: Voltage: 30 V ... 500 V Current: 50 mA ... 160 A. In addition, low currents from 1 mA are measured. Range selection may be made either manually or automatically. The advanced conception of the K 2006 Comparator is based on our considerable previous experience of reference standard meters and comparators. The in-strument is capable of measuring all principle param-eters of a mains frequency network, from 15 to 70 Hz, and harmonics up to 3500 Hz.



MTE - K2006 Three Phase Comparator for Verification of Reference Standards

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