LP Series is a highly efficient, programmable electric load (250W~2000W Capacity). It has RS-232C, RS-485, USB Remote control interface based on SCPI Protocol. (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments)


Available with Max.60V DC Input, Max.250V DC Input, or Max.500V DC Input


ODA LP Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

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    • Big size 20Char LCD Display
    • Output ON/OFF Key.
    • Front panel Key Lock function
    • Alarm beep when events occur
    • Excellent precise and high resolution.
    • Built-in Remote Sensing for Load Voltage (V-Sensing)
    • O.V.P(Over Voltage Protection) / O.P.P(Over Power protection)
    • O.T.P(Over Temperature Protection) mode supplied.
    • Excellent load and line regulation
    • Save and confirm up to 10 error messages.
    • Memory(operating state of voltage, current, OVP,OPP,OTP) store and recall available up to 10.
    • 3U * 19inch half Rack Compact Size (300W, 600W)
    • RS232C, RS485, USB standard