OPM-910D is a 180W (180 Watt) 9V 10A Linear Programmable Dual-Channel DC Power Supply. 


The OPM Series is high precision, high accuracy programmable DC power supply with RS-232C & GPIB(IEEE-488.2, option) interface based on SCPI(Standard Commands for Programmable Instrument) protocol.
In addition, It is designed to be equipped in 3U x Half of 19inch wide rack.


Even starting from the development stage, OPM Series was formed in a way that the multi channel output can be configured easily. The method that entails controlling through the Windows Application and by connecting the existing single product using merely the parallel was burdensome since the system development cost was not effective due to the need to develop Controller and Display parts that overlap and the communication interface. OPM Series solved these problems and developed rational and effective production line and inspection line to market the highly precise multi-channel Programmable DC Power Supply that is required for the activation of the mechanical device.


If you already purchased an OPM Series power supply,  because you have the Controller you can add on the perfect Programmable DC Power Supply by purchasing the Power Supply Module alone. Controller can connect up to 255 Power Supply Modules. There is no problem for configuring the system since it is not affected by the voltage, current and capacity that are different from each other.


If a single channel power supply per producer was supplied to your mass production system, replace it with the two channels power supply that supports ODA's Tracking mode! There is no need to set up many channels voltage, current, which is burdensome. Instead, you only need to press on one button, the Tracking mode button, which in turn sets up all the channels in the same way with one setting when it comes to the voltage, current and all the functions.

ODA OPM-910D Linear Programmable DC Power Supply Dual Channel 180W 9V 10A

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