OPS-801 is an 80W (80 Watt) 80V 1A Linear Programmable DC Power Supply. (Model OPS-303 is pictured).


The OPS Series is a high efficiency, high performance programmable DC power supply with RS232C&GPIB(IEEE-488.2, option) interface based on SCPI(Standard Commands for Programmable Instrument) protocol.


OPS Series can save and recall up to 10 voltage and current, OVP, OCP that the user sets up. Even when a user is not an engineer, the user can use it for the production and product inspection, reliability test with the function for recalling the pre-set and stored data.


This Programmable DC Power Supply is ideal for FA system development since it can judge at least 30 equipments whether they are pass or fail within one second. It is possible to provide fine and precise source using this product alone, since it has built-in 24 bit ADC. Likewise, it measures even the fine voltage and electric current. Thus, it is possible to reduce budget since it does not require a separate voltage/ current measurement device.


Even when the equipment's internal temperature changes or even when there are external factors that influence while conducting test for a long time due to the Temperature Compensation Circuit and real-time measurement Compensation Circuit that are applied to the OPS Series, it is possible to conduct test in an accurate and stable manner while maintaining the set up voltage.


Using the over-voltage (O.V.P) and over-current (O.C.P)mode that are built in the OPS Series blocks the output over-voltage or over-current to protect the source of over-load.


Cycling Mode is provided to the OPS Series provides memory so that up to 100 gradient and maintenance time of the voltage, electric current can be stored. When cycling Mode is used, it is possible to develop the system for the long-time reliability test for the product with ease without producing the Windows Application. Moreover, it is possible for the voltage and electric current to supply powers that are different in a regular, consistent manner to the mechanical device and facility besides the reliability test.

ODA OPS-801 Linear Programmable DC Power Supply 80W 80V 1A

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