The Saluki S3631 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is an economic range of vector network analyzers covers a frequency range from 300 kHz - 8 GHz and provides good noise level and dynamic range specifications. 

Calibration kits available at a discounted price with purchase of any Saluki VNA. Please ask for more details.


Key Features

  • Frequency Range:300 kHz - 1. 3GHz / 3 GHz / 8 GHz
  • Dynamic Range:>125 dB (IFBW=10 Hz), 130 dB typical
  • Low Noise Level:<-120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz).
  • Low Trace Noise:1 mdB rms (IFBW=3 kHz)
  • High Measurement Speed:100 μs / point (IFBW=30 kHz)
  • High Effective Directivity:>45 dB
  • Remote Control: LAN / GPIB / USB
  • Low Power Consumption:60 W

Saluki S3631 Vector Network Analyzer VNA (up to 8GHz)

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