Saluki VNA Vector Network Analyzer Microwave/RF Test Cable Assemblies are specifically engineered to provide the most precise VNA measurements in laboratory conditions. They deliver the highest accuracy and greatest time interval between recalibrations of any test assembly on the market today.

Saluki's cable assemblies maintain excellent insertion loss and VSWR. Before shipment, we test all of our assemblies for return loss, insertion loss, phase stability and loss stability up to their maximum operating frequency.


All Models are 63cm in length.


Available models are:

  • SCAVNA18MM-(N/N) VNA end: Type N male, DUT end: Type N male
  • SCAVNA18MF-(N/N) VNA end: Type N male, DUT end: Type N female
  • SCAVNA18MM-(N/3.5) VNA end: Type N male, DUT end: NMD 3.5mm male
  • SCAVNA18MF-(N/3.5) VNA end: Type N male, DUT end: 3.5mm female
  • SCAVNA18FM-(3.5/N) VNA end: NMD 3.5mm female, DUT end: Type N male
  • SCAVNA18FF-(3.5/N) VNA end: NMD 3.5mm female, DUT end: Type N female

Saluki VNA Microwave RF Test Cable 18GHz 63cm Vector Network Analyzer

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks lead time for new product to arrive.

    For USA customers, all items will arrive FOB. Any taxes or tariffs are prepaid by us.

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