The MMR-640 meter is designed to measure very low resistance of resistive objects. This product is made to be used in
power plants, railways and maintenance companies to measure resistance of:

  • breakers, contacts,
  • earthing conductors, equipotential bondings,
  • welded and soldered connections,
  • bolted connections,
  • and other resistive objects.

MMR-640 can be also utilized on production lines (eg. at the final production control stage).

Product features

  • measurement of very low resistance
  • high immunity to disturbances
  • easy operation
  • big touchscreen
  • automatic measurement mode
  • autoranging

Sonel - MMR-640-Low Resistance Meter, Accuracy ±(0.25% w.m. + 2 digts), 10A

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 


  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.