PAT-806 digital meters are used to measure the parameters of portable electrical equipment (power tools, white goods, etc.) which determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage current, power. Specifically the instrument is dedicated to measure the welding equipment.

PAT-806 can be used to test the equipment performed in accordance with standards:

EN 60974-4: Arc welding equipment - Part 4: Periodic inspection and testing.
EN 60745-1: Hand-held motor-operated electric tools. Safety. General requirements.
EN 61029: Safety of transportable motor-operated electric tools. General requirements.
EN 60335-1: Household and similar electrical appliances -Safety -Part 1: General requirements.
EN 60950: Safety of information technology equipment (IT Equipment).
VDE 0404-1: Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen.
VDE 0404-2: Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 2: Prüfeinrichtungen für Prüfungen nach Instandsetzung, Änderung oder für Wiederholungsprüfungen.
VDE 0701-0702 Prüfung nach Instandsetzung, Änderung elektrischer Geräte. Wiederholungsprüfung elektrischer Geräte. Allgemeine Anforderungen für die elektrische Sicherhei.

Sonel PAT-806 IT Portable Appliance Tester Designed For Welding Equipment

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    Basic functions:

    • measurement of parameters of arc welding machines (EN 60974-4):
      - welding machine no-load voltage measurement,
      - UP voltage (peak),
      - welding circuit leakage current measurement,
    • measurement of protective conductor resistance with the currents: 200mA, 10A, 25A ( protection class I),
    • measurement of insulation resistance – three measurement voltages: 100V, 250V and 500V
    • measurement of equivalent leakage current,
    • measurement of PE leakage current,
    • measurement of residual leakage current,
    • measurement of touch leakage current,
    • measurement of equivalent leakage current,
    • measurement of power,
    • measurement of current consumption,
    • IEC lead test,
    • fuse test,
    • check of the L-N circuit test,
    • measurement of mains voltage and frequency.


    • automatic measurement range selection,
    • 990 memory cells for measurement results with option of uploading to a PC through a USB port or printing,
    • professional software for data processing and reporting,
    • cooperation with a barcode reader and printer,
    • supports pendrive flash memory,
    • large and clear display with backlight,
    • ergonomic operation.

    Measurement of protective earth conductor resistance I=200mA
    (protection class I)

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