The PAT-86 digital safety meter is intended for control measurements of welding machines and electric devices (power tools, electronics / household appliances, etc.), that determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity, leakage currents, power, RCDs and PRCDs as well as the rated voltage of welding equipment in no-load condition, the leakage current of the welding circuit, the primary leakage current.

The device is used wherever safety is the most important thing. Ideally suited to situations where it is necessary to check welding equipment, power tools, three-phase devices or household appliances.

The device can be used to test equipment made in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN 60974-4: Arc welding equipment - Part 4: Periodic inspection and testing.
  • EN 60745-1: Hand-held motor-operated electric tools - Safety - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN 61029:  Safety of transportable motor-operated electric tools - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN 60335-1:  Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1:General requirements.
  • EN 60950:  Information technology equipment - Safety.
  • EN 61557-6 Electrical safety in low voltage distribution systems up to 1 000 V AC and 1 500 V DC - Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures - Part 6: Effectiveness of residual current devices (RCD) in TT, TN and IT systems.
  • VDE 0404-1 Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen.
  • VDE 0404-2 Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 2: Prüfeinrichtungen für Prüfungen nach Instandsetzung, Änderung oder für Wiederholungsprüfungen.
  • VDE 0701-0702 Prüfung nach Instandsetzung, Änderung elektrischer Geräte. Wiederholungsprüfung elektrischer Geräte. Allgemeine Anforderungen für die elektrische Sicherheit.

Sonel PAT-86 Portable Appliance Tester CAT II 300V Touchscreen RCD PRCD

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    Technical data:

    • LCD: TFT 5.6” 800 x 480 px
    • Power supply: 195…265 V, 50 Hz
    • Load current: max. 16 A (230 V)

    Safety and work conditions:

    • Measuring category according to EN 61010: II 300 V
    • Ingress protection: IP40
    • Type of insulation according to EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557: double
    • Dimensions: 318 x 257 x 152 mm
    • Weight: ca. 5 kg
    • Operating temperature: -10...+50°C
    • Storage temperature: -20...+70°C
    • Humidity: 20…80%
    • Nominal temperature: +20...+25°C
    • Reference humidity: 40%…60%
    • Altitude a.s.l.: <2000 m

    Memory and communication

    • Memory of measurement results: min. 4 GB
    • Data transmission: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, LAN

    Other information

    • Quality standard - development, design and production: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-N-18001
    • The product meets the EMC (emission for industrial environment) requirements according to standards: EN 61326-1,EN 61326-2-2