SRM-1 is designated for imitation and value setting of active resistance of impedance in a short circuit loopwith 230/400 V voltage, 50/60 Hz AC. The required resistance is set by the user by means of decade switches of resistance boxes. SRM-1 is applied as reference standard equipment for verification and calibration of testers of electrical safety parameters of electric plants in the metrological laboratories. The resistance box characteristics enable to use it also for calibration of the widely spread meters of electrical resistance to direct current.


Sonel -SRM-0R1-4k1-Decade Resistor, 230/400 V voltage, 50/60 Hz AC

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    Additional technical specifications:

    • supply voltage U: 100...240 V AC (50/60 Hz);
    • maximum power consumption: 75 VА
    • operating temperature range: 10...30ºC
    • maximum current in the measuring circuit: 3 mА
    • maximum operating voltage: 10 000 V DC
    • long-term stability of resistors: <1%
    • maximum operating altitude: 2000 m
    • dimensions: 540 x 450 x 200 mm
    • weight: approx. 15 kg


    The calibrator is designed for operating in the temperature range of 10...30ºС, relative humidity from 25 to 60% and atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 milimeters of mercury.

    Storage temperature in the original packing:
    -20...+60ºС at max relative humidity 80% for temperatures to 31ºС, decreasing to 50% at 40ºС.

    Storage temperature range without packaging:
    +10...+30ºС at relative humidity to 80%.