The TD 3619D is a powerful vector network analyzer from Tianda. It is available in the following range of models: 

  • TD3619D-245 (100kHz to 4.5GHz) 2-port
  • TD3619D-265 (100kHz to 6.5GHz) 2-port
  • TD3619D-285 (100kHz to 8.5GHz) 2-port
  • TD3619D-445 (100kHz to 4.5GHz) 4-port
  • TD3619D-465 (100kHz to 6.5GHz) 4-port
  • TD3619D-485 (100kHz to 8.5GHz) 4-port


Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These VNAs come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Tianda TD3619D Vector Network Analyzer 100kHz - 8.5GHz (2-Port/4-Port)

    • Available in 2 or 4 port test modes
    • Uses Windows operating system interface
    • 12.1" (inch) colour LCD touch screen
    • User-friendly save/recall for measurement results
    • 36 independant measurement channels, each channel can be set independently source parameters (ie: frequency, power, etc)
    • Data Format: logarithm, phase, group delay, Smith circle, polar coordinates, linear, SWR, real part, imaginary part, extended phase, positive phase.
    • Fixture Simulator Network de-embedding. Port reference impedance conversion. Matching circuit embedding.4-port network embedding/deembedding. Differential/Common port reference impedance conversion. Differential matching circuit embedding.
    • Absolute value measure: Amplifier harmonic distortion can be measured.
    • Limit Test : With limit, Surge limit, Bandwidth limit testing function, Convenient for user to judge the products qualified or unqualified, thus greatly improving the testing efficiency.
    • Marker: The max total 9 marker can be displayed at the same time. Different curves of marker can be operated independently.
    • Marker search: Max, Min, Peak, Target, Tacking, Bandwidth search, etc.
    • Full 4-port SOLT calibration.
    • Response calibration: Enhanced Response effectively eliminates the directivity error, crosstalk, source match error, frequency response reflection tracking error, and frequency response transmission tracking error from the test setup in a transmission or reflection test using those ports.
    • Port Expansion: In some cases, the user can not make a calibration on the testing interface, port expansion can make a compensation for the shift or delay between the testing interface and the device under test to meet the user and improve the testing accuracy.
    • TRL calibration: Effective for non-coaxial device measurement.
    • Power meter calibration: Calibrate the output power and level.
    • Receiver calibration: Calibrate the single receiver gain in absolute value measurement.
    • External Interface: USB, LAN, RS232, Keyboard & Mouse PS/2 interface, VGA GPIBoption
    • Easy to make automatic control test system: Open windows XP operating system: Can use macros VBA programming. Interface : 6 USB, standard LAN and GPIB (option)。
    • GPIB LAN Interface: Convenient to make automatic control test system
    • LAN Interface: Convenient for the users to connect LAN,WLAN card, which is easy for users to carry out the remote data transmission.

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