An advanced microprocessor based and battery powered micro-ohmmeter in a sealed ABS case. The 5893 provides 0.1 µOhm resolution resistance measurements in 6 selectable ranges from 600 µOhm to 60 Ohm. Designed with a wide range of useful features the 5893 will meet the requirements of many International Testing Standards. Ideal for laboratory and test area use as well as "on site - field tests".

The microprocessor technology provides many advanced features which include internal digital calibration, a 6,000 count scale length and 6 resistance ranges displayed on bright easy to read LEDs. Lead resistance errors are eliminated by the use of a true 4-terminal, 4-wire Kelvin/Thompson circuit. Forward and reverse current with averaging is employed to remove any thermal EMF errors.

Automatic measurements and data recording can be performed via the RS232 port to a PC or printer. A "Remote operation" socket for foot or hand switching with a "Print last reading" control, facilitates use in inaccessible and confined working positions. Portability of the 5893 can be enhanced with an optional battery powered computer and printer that can be housed in the lid of the instrument and is ideal for on-site calibration reports and certificates.

Two internal re-chargeable batteries provide the test current and the supply for the measurement circuitry. The charging circuit has independent charge indicators for each battery with fast charging to 90% of capacity and automatic switching to trickle charge, for prolonged charging. Battery power is sufficient to provide up to 1 hour of operation on the two 10A ranges and up to 20 hours on all other ranges.

Tinsley 5893 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for quote and more info.

    • High accuracy (0.15% to 0.2%)
    • High resolution (0.1µOhm to 0.01 Ohm)
    • Wide measurement range (600.0 µOhm to 60.0 Ohm)
    • 10 Amp measuring current
    • Fast reading rate (0.5 secs)
    • 20mm high LED daylight viewing display
    • 6000 count wide display range
    • Computer output of display (RS232)
    • 4 Wire measurement system (eliminates lead resistance errors)
    • Forward and reverse current measurement
    • Auto average of forward and reverse currents
    • Battery and mains power operation
    • Internal digital calibration