This Micro-Ohmmeter, type 5895, has been specifically designed for the fast measurement of the resistance of large transformers.

It is equally suitable for the measurement of any resistance where a large amount of inductance is also present. An integral timer and printer are also incorporated to enable precise readings to be recorded at exact and programmed time intervals. Whilst being practical in use the instrument also has safety features to protect both the operator and the instrument from the hazards associated with this type of measurement. This instrument is suitable for the resistance measurement requirement of BS171 Part 2 or Part 1 IEC 76-5.

Tinsley 5895 Transformer Micro-Ohmmeter

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for quote and more info.

    • High accuracy (0.15% to 0.2%)
    • High resolution (0.1µOhm to 0.01 Ohm)
    • Wide measurement range (600.0 µOhm to 60.0 Ohm)
    • 10 Amp measuring current
    • Fast reading rate (0.5 secs)
    • 20mm high LED daylight viewing display
    • 6000 count wide display range
    • Computer output of display (RS232)
    • 4 Wire measurement system (eliminates lead resistance errors)
    • Forward and reverse current measurement
    • Auto average of forward and reverse currents
    • Battery and mains power operation
    • Internal digital calibration