As the growth of electronic products, cell phone, home appliances, electric vehicle and bike emerge in an endless stream, all need to work with battery, so the fast inspection on batter will influence the performance of products. With Tonghui's xperience in impedance test and marketing survey, the new battery tester - TH2523 is successfully launched. It can be competitive with other similar products with its outstanding performance, easy operation and new look. 


-1kHz constant current source is adopted to eliminate the potential error of thermoelectric force to DUT.


-Max.300V(TH2523A) test voltage can meet the demand of high voltage battery


-0.1% basic resistance accuracy, the range of 30mΩ-3000Ω can cover the test demand of large battery pack to button battery, and as well for large type but low resistance lithium battery


-The fast test speed can up to 20ms/time


-Meet the demand of ACR test for general components.


-TH2523 provides multiple interfaces, which is for PC communication and remote control.


TH2523A Input Voltage is 350V

Tonghui TH2523 AC Low Resistance Tester 30mΩ-3000Ω 20ms Test Time

  • Please see photos for more information.

    ■ Multiple test functions
    ·4-terminal test, the test can’t be influenced by impedance of test leads.
    ·Contact inspection, to inspect the contact of test leads in
    ·Deviation deduction (rel) and reference operation, eliminate the influence of base to test result.
    ■ Feature of battery tester
    ·Basic impedance accuracy: 0.1%
    ·Basic voltage accuracy: 0.1%
    ·Min. resolution of impedance:1uΩ
    ·Min. resolution of voltage:100uV
    ·Max. test speed 50 times/s
    ·1kHz AC constant current source test
    ■ R, V, L, Z, θ test
    ■ 24 bit color 4.3 inch LCD display
    ■ LCD resolution 480×272
    ■ Direct and Δ% display
    ■ V, I test signal level monitor function
    ■ Graphic scanning and analysis
    ■ 10 bin compare, High limit, low limit, pass and alarm function
    ■ Statistics, like CpK, Cp.etc
    ■ 100 groups of file for storage and load
    ■ Information in screen stored in U disk.
    ■ Automatic update through USB HOST
    ■ Chinese-English operation system selectable
    ■ Foot switch trigger function
    ■ Handler interface
    ■ RS232、USB HOST 、USB Device、GPIB(optional),for
    communication with PC and remote control

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 


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