The TH2638 series are new precision capacitance meters with higher test frequency. These meters gave a basic accuracy of ±0.07%, loss accuracy of 0.0005, test frequency up to 1MHz, and 4.3 inch LCD screen. Also, it can test all kinds of capacitors from low value to high value.

Please see data sheet for full technical differences between TH2638A and TH2638

Tonghui TH2638 Precision Capacitance Meter

  • ■ 4.3 inch TFT LCD display

    ■ Selectable Chinese and English operation interface

    ■ Max. test frequency: 1MHz

    ■ Highest test speed: 2.3ms/time

    ■ Basic test accuracy : ±0.07%

    ■ Loss factor: ±0.0005

    ■ V, I test signal level monitor function

    ■ Low impedance measurement, signal level compensation function

    ■ Built-in 11-bin comparator

    ■ Internal file storage and external U disk file storage

    ■ Test data can be directly saved in U disk

    ■ Screen shot can be saved in U disk

    ■ Compatible with SCPI commands

    ■ RS232C, USB CDC, LAN, HANDLER, GPIB interfaces

    ■ Manipulator interface and scanner interface

    ■ Contact inspection function

    ■ Synchronizing signal source

    ■ Offset function in 1MHz test frequency (±1, ±2%)