TH2816A is a new precision LCR meter combined with years of technical experience and newest measurement technology of instrument industry. With powerful measurement functions, high performance and low cost, TH2816A/TH2816B/TH2817A have been one of the world advanced instruments, and it provides users a super value measurement resolution and experience.


The meter offers stable 6 digit resolution, wide frequency range (200kHz for TH2816A), programmable signal level (0.01V to 2.0V), up to 30 meas/sec measurement rate, 9 measurement ranges, 30Ω or 100Ω constant output impedance and friendly operation interface.


TH2816Acan be used for incoming inspection of components, quality control of product line and high accuracy laboratory use. The HANDLER, GPIB, RS232C interfaces make it easy to build an automatic component test system, 




■ Passive components:

  Evaluation of Impedance Parameters for Capacitors, Inductors,

  Cores, Resistors, piezoelectric devices, Transformers, Chip   Components, and Network Components


■ Other components:

   Impedance evaluation of printed circuit boards, relays,    switches, cables, batteries, etc.

Tonghui TH2816A Precision LCR Meter 50Hz to 200kHz 100Ω

  • Please see datasheet in photos for more information. 

    ■ 240×64 dot-matrix graphics LCD display
    ■ Friendly user's interface and easy operation
    ■ TH2816A: Over 12,000 frequency points available from 50Hz to
    ■ TH2816B: 37 typical frequency points
    ■ TH2817A: 16 typical frequency points available from 50Hz to
    ■ Programmable single-voltage level from 10mVrms to 2.0Vrms
    ■ World-level stability and accuracy
    ■ 6 digit readout resolution
    ■ Up to 30meas/sec measurement rate
    ■ Precision LOAD correction function
    ■ Selectable signal source output impedances: 30Ω, 100Ω
    ■ Direct control function for TH1773/TH1775 DC bias source
    ■ List sweep function for up to 4 frequencies, signal levels and DC bias levels
    ■ Direct, Δ ABS and Δ% display modes
    ■ 12 control setting files memory
    ■ Built-in comparator, 10 Bins and bin counters (TH2816A/B)
    ■ Built-in comparator, 4 Bins and bin counters(TH2817A)
    ■ Test signal level monitor function
    ■ Key lock function
    ■ Handler interface
    ■ RS-232C and optional GPIB interfaces

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

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