The TH2826 series is a new generation impedance test instrument and firstly in conformity with LXI standard inland. It fulfills most low-voltage parameter measurement needs for components and materials with its basic accuracy (0.1%), wide frequency range(from 20Hz to 5MHz). The instrument is widely applied in microphone, resonator, inductor, ceramic capacitor, LCD, varactor and transformer .etc to analyze electrical performance and test low-ESR capacitor and high-Q inductor. With the super high test speed, TH2826 series is especially for frequency response curve analyzing of detector and piezoelectric device on auto production line. Its multiple output impedance mode can be used for different standards of inductor or transformer manufacturers

Please see data sheet for full technical differences between TH2826A (20Hz - 5MHz) and TH2826 (20Hz-2MHz).

Tonghui TH2826 Series LCR Meters

  • ■ Test frequency:20Hz-5MHz with the resolution of 10mHz
    ■ Test level:10mV-5V with the resolution of 1mV
    ■ Basic accuracy:0.1%
    ■ The highest test speed up to 200 times/s.
    ■ 320×240 dot-matrix large graphic LCD display
    ■ 5-digit display resolution
    ■ 22 parameter combinations available
    ■ 4 signal source output impedance
    ■ 10 points list sweep function
    ■ Built-in DC bias source
    ■ Auto level control (ALC) function of voltage or current
    ■ V,I test signal level monitor function
    ■ Graphic scanning and analyzing function
    ■ 20 groups of setting for storage/load
    ■ Built-in comparator, 10-bins and bin counters
    ■ Multiple communication interfaces
    ■ 2m/4m cable length extension

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