TH2883 series products are newly developed impulse
winding testers by Tonghui. This product line makes Tonghui
as the first provider of impulse winding tester from low voltage
of 30V to high voltage of 10kV, single channel to multichannel
(Max.:8 channels) in this industry. The instrument adopts
popular 32 bit CPU and high density SMD technology, 65k
color 7-inch TFT wide display screen, bringing ease for your
eyes and convenience to your operation. The impulse voltage
of100V~5000V, maximum 8 channel sweep test, maximum 20
test procedures, sampling rate of 200Msps, memory depth of 6k
bytes makes your test accurately.The usage of standard sample
average, application of demagnetized impulse, high bandwidth
analog acquisition circuit, technology of high-fidelity corona
extraction as well as the opening of non-destructive test reflect
the design philosophy “customer-oriented, share the future
technology with you” of Tonghui.
According to the output number of channels, TH2883 series is
consist of 2 models:TH2883S8-5 and TH2883S4-5. TH2883S8-5
is the ideal product for measurements of multiphase coils. The
8 channel of TH2883S8-5 can be programmed and configured
as voltage high-terminal, voltage low-terminal and OFF. Any
combination of the configuration condition of the 8 channels and
maximum 20 test procedures can be achieved. Also, it can test
the coils successively in 8 channels. TH2883S4-5 is provided
with 4 channels. It is especially developed on the basis of the 8
channels of TH2883S8-5 for customers who need less sweep
channels. USB Host, RS232C, USB Device and LAN interface
are provided in TH2883 series products for your quick save of
the waveforms and remote control of the instrument.

Tonghui TH2883S4-5 Impulse Motor Winding Tester 4 Channel 30V to 10kV

  • Please see photos for more information.

    ■ The first provider of impulse winding tester from low voltage
    of 30V to high voltage of 10kV, single channel to multichannel
    in this industry (Max.:8 channels)
    ■ First winding tester compatible with LXI standard
    ■ Impulse voltage of 100V~5000V
    ■ Two models of 4-channel and 8-channel4 for selection
    ■ Each channel can be programmed and controlled as highterminal,
    low-terminal and OFF
    ■ 20 test procedures can be added at most
    ■ 65k color 7” TFT wide display screen
    ■ Up to 200Msps waveform sampling rate
    ■ Maximum measuring speed: 6meas/sec
    ■ Storage depth of 6k Bytes
    ■ High bandwidth analog acquisition circuit
    ■ High-fidelity corona extraction algorithm (patent technology)
    ■ Four waveform comparison methods
    ■ Automatic storage of instrument parameters
    ■ Measurements on voltage, time and frequency
    ■ Amplification, stretch and movement of the waveform for
    accurate display
    ■ Multi-sample average, average processing of 32 standard
    ■ Destructive testing for your correct choose of voltage
    ■ Use demagnetized impulse to ensure the conformity of tested
    ■ Login of different user right for easy management
    ■ 20 groups of instrument files can be stored and automatically
    ■ Screen information can be stored in USB disk (COPY key)
    ■ System firmware can be automatically upgraded through
    ■ Selectable Chinese and English operation interfaces
    ■ Four selectable display interface effects
    ■ Foot control interface for easy measurements
    ■ Handler interface to realize on-line operation
    ■ RS232C, USB Device and LAN interface to realize remote

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

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