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The source measure units from are designed for test applications demanding tightly coupled precision voltage as well as current sourcing and measurement. These Source meters make measurements with high accuracy, ideal for current-voltage (I-V) characterization, semiconductor testing, and testing devices with both positive andnegative current source values.

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Keithley 2400 Sourcemeter Rental

Keithley’s Standard Series 2400 Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instruments offer four-quadrant precision voltage and current source/load coupled with measurement. Each SMU instrument is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 6½-digit multimeter. The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. The multimeter capabilities include high repeatability and low noise.

Keithley 2601 Sourcemeter Rental

The Keithley 2601 SourceMeter lets you make precision DC, pulse, and low frequency AC source-measure tests faster, easier, and more economically than before. 

Keithley 2425 Sourcemeter Rental

Keithley's Model 2425 SourceMeter is designed specifically for test applications that demand tightly coupled sourcing and measurement. It provides precision voltage and current sourcing as well as measurement capabilities; and is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 5-1/2 digit multimeter. 

Keithley 2601A Sourcemeter Rental

The 2600A System SourceMeter instruments are suitable as either bench-top I-V characterization tools or as building block components of multi-channel I-V test systems. For bench-top use, Series 2600A instruments feature an embedded TSP Express Software Tool that allows users to quickly and easily perform common I-V tests without programming or installing software. 

Keithley 2612 Sourcemeter Rental

Double-Channel System Source Meter (200V): Combines a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load, and trigger controller-all in one instrument. Contact check function ensures high integrity measurements 10,000 readings/s and 5,500 source-measure points/s to memory provide faster test times.

Keithley 2611B Sourcemeter Rental

The 2611B from Keithley is a 2600B series dual channel system SourceMeter® (SMU) instrument (0.1fA, 10A pulse). It is an industry’s leading current/voltage source and measure solutions. This dual channel model combines the capabilities of a precision power supply, true current source, 6 1/2 digit DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator and electronic load all into one tightly integrated instrument. 

Keithley 2614B Sourcemeter Rental

The 2614B SourceMeter SMU Instrument is a new dual-channel SMU instrument with best-in-class value and performance. Its tightly integrated, four-quadrant design allows it to simultaneously source and measure both voltage and current to boost productivity in R&D and bench-top applications. 

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