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Bench Multimeters

Looking for an all-in-one measurement instrument? Our DMM’s (digital multimeters) measure voltage, current, resistance, and more to test, troubleshoot, and diagnose your electrical circuits, components, and devices.

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Keithley DMM7510 Bench Multimeter Rental

The DMM7510 7.5 digit multimeter combines a precision, high-resolution digital multimeter (DMM), graphical touchscreen display, and high-speed, high-resolution digitizer to create the first graphical sampling multimeter. With pA-level sensitivity and 1Msample/s sampling, it accurately measures ultra-low sleep mode currents and transmit drain currents from wireless devices. 

Keithley 2001 Bench Multimeter Rental

The 2001 Series offers 7 ½ -digit resolution and basic DCV accuracy of 0.0018%, offering  exceptional resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity. This high performance digital multimeter not only delivers performance specifications usually associated only with instruments that cost thousands more, but it also offers a broad range of functions not typically available in DMMs.

Keysight 34461A Bench Multimeter Rental

The Keysight 34461A 6½ digit, Performance Truevolt DMMs offer higher levels of accuracy, speed and resolution. Truevolt DMM's graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. The model also provides a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients. 

Fluke 8845A Bench Multimeter Rental

The Fluke 8845A 6.5 digit precision multimeter handles your most demanding measurements on the bench or in a system. It measures volts, ohms, and amps, with basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024%, 10 A current range, and a wide ohms range. The 8845A also measures frequency and period. The functions of a counter, capacitance meter, and thermometer are built in. Graphical display modes include Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics and hist histograms.

Fluke 8846A Bench Multimeter Rental

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