Rental Equipment

Fluke 754

Stratatek is pleased to offer equipment rentals as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new or used equipment. We guarantee that all rental equipment will arrive on-time, exactly as advertised, and with all functions working properly. Nothing leaves our laboratory without being fully calibrated and tested. 


Renting equipment is the right choice for you and your company if you're looking to reduce the amount of time and resources invested in buying the latest models, keeping equipment in calibration, and costly equipment repairs. 

Rental Options

Please click on a rental equipment category to see our available models.


There is a one week (7 day) minimum for all equipment rentals.

The maximum rental period for the short-term option is 12 months.


Long Term
Ranges from 12 months and longer.

There are financial incentives for longer term rentals, along with the option to purchase the equipment at a reduced price when the rental period is completed.

Contact us if you do not see the equipment that you need