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RSE Series EMC Scanners

The RSE-series is characterized by the 1 mm step size, the Heat scanning feature and it's large working area (up to 600 x 400 x 200 mm). The RSE-series come in three different sizes. With the recent closure of EMSCAN, let our engineers explain why Detectus EMC scanners are the right choice to make.


Objective Comparative Measurements

One of the most useful features of the EMC Scanner system is that it enables you to make truly objective comparative measurements.


To the left, you can see an example of comparative measurements. The six measurements show the same test object and the same frequency. The difference is the value of the de-coupling capacitor of one IC.

HRE Series EMC Scanners

The High Resolution or HRE-series is characterized by 25 µm ( 0.025 mm) step size and the IC-option which contains a high resolution real time inspection camera and specially designed high resolution near field probes.

Calibrate to Beacon

The scanner tables of the HRE-series scanners are equipped with beacons for automatic and accurate probe calibration. Calibrating to the electric center point of probe helps you reproduce high quality measurement results every time.

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