The HRE-Scanner comes with a set of four specially selected near field probes, a 30 dB pre-amplifier and two RF cables. To complete the Scanner system you would need a PC and a spectrum analyzer. Depending on your choice of spectrum analyzer you may also need an GPIB adapter (it only works with adapters from National Instruments).


The scanner tables of the HRE-series scanners are equipped with beacons for automatic and accurate probe calibration. Calibrating to the electric center point of probe helps you reproduce high quality measurement results every time.


The HRE41 scanner are exactly like the HRE1 with the addition of a device for automatic rotation around the probe axis. During measurement the scanner will rotate the probe and find the "worst case" angle and then storing the amplitude. This procedure is performed in every measuring position.


The HRE 3 and HRE 43 have the same technical details and features as the HRE 1/HRE 41 but with larger dimensions.

Detectus HRE Series High Resolution EMC Scanners

  • HRE 1 and HRE 41

    Measurable volume: 190x140x80 mm

    Movement in XYZ-axis: 190x140x80 mm

    Size: 535x690x600 mm

    Weight: 95 kg


    HRE 3 and HRE 43

    Measurable volume: 390x290x130 mm

    Movement in XYZ-axis: 390x290x130 mm

    Size: 780x850x810 mm

    Weight: 125 kg