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Winding Testers/Surge Testers

Testing a single phase or three phase motor at the correct surge voltage is essential for finding turn-to-turn faults in the windings and other insulation weaknesses. Stratatek has portable 3kV Surge/6kV IR/HiPot motor analyzers in addition to larger 15kV surge testers for diagnosing the health of your motor or generator with precision.

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Schleich MA2 Motor Analyzer Surge Winding Tester Rental

The versatile MotorAnalyzer2 R2 was designed for testing electric motors and windings. It combines 15 different test methods in a single user-friendly and portable device. The combination of test methods, its exceptionally compact design and optional battery mode operation make MotorAnalyzer2 R2 an excellent tool for on-site use – especially in difficult mounting locations.

Schleich Technologies MTC2 Winding Tester (Surge Tester) Rental

The MTC2 is a premium surge voltage tester. No other tester offers such a diversity of features. With the MTC2 you can inspect coils, stators, armatures and all varitiees of windings according to the latest state of the art – uncompromising and precise. A finely graduated variety of testers from 6 KV up to 50 KV is available. The MTC2 comes in portable, bench-top, rack-mountable, and all other pictured configurations.

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