Ultimate in Hand-Held Step TDR Technology, now in an Avionics Kit

The TDR Avionics Kit is designed specifically for testing and fault locating on aircraft wiring. The Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting all types of coax, twisted pairs, single-wires in a harness, and aircraft power cables. Use "Step TDR" technology's amazingly accurate display and locating ability to save time and money. The kit includes connection adapters for mating with aircraft wiring harness style connectors making testing fast and convenient. Additionally, the TDR, manuals, PC software and accessories are all in a rugged anti-FOD carrying case designed for flight line and aircraft use. ETDR PC Vision™ software can upload, save, and print test results, and customize the TDR's cable list for specific aircraft as desired.

Designed specifically for aviation applications the Avionics TDR Complete Kit is contained in an ATA-3000 Class 1 carrying case. The custom foam is designed to hold the E20/20 TDR and accessories securely to prevent FOD and the lid label provides a clear indication of what item should be in every foam cut-out location. The E20/20 TDR has both BNC and RJ-45 test ports and an aviation customized cable list in the memory. The list provides quick access to a variety of common aviation coax, twisted pair and single-wires' impedances and velocity factors.

AEA E20/20 Avionics TDR KIT 0-10ft to 20K ft No Dead Zones Cursor to ±½ inch

  • Please see photos for additional specifications.

    • Test coax, twisted pairs, or single wires using same TDR.
    • Wireto-wire or wire to airframe
    • Accurate and clear trace indication of faults
    • More advanced features to aid troubleshooting
    • Save, upload, print or email TDR's traces
    • Clear wiring trouble more quickly with less testing
    • Customize, upload, and download Cable Lists, PC-to-TDR
    • Saved traces are also saved setups for recall
    • Noise detection and noise filtering
    • Locate coax or pairs quickly using Tone Function
    • Setup Wizard makes starting use easy and helps train new users
    • "Belt Friendly" TDR size and only 2.2 lbs (1Kg)

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