UT-ONE B03B is an accurate and versatile thermometer readout. UT-ONE B03B is capable of measuring platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermocouples. Resistance probes can be measured in 4-wire (default), 3-wire or 2-wire connection configuration. Optionally, an external combined probe may be used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature and relative humidity).


UT-ONE B03B features a colour touch screen which presents measured data in graphical and numerical format. UT-ONE B03B can be operated in a stand-alone mode or connected to the computer via the serial or USB interface. UT-ONE B03B can be battery-operated from the internal Li-ion battery, which provides up to nine hours of standalone operation.


Long-term stability specification has been reduced from 15 ppm/year for the old model UT-ONE B03A unit to 10 ppm/year for the UT-ONE B03B unit. This results in the thermometer readout accuracy (excluding probe) of less than 0.003 °C at 0 °C.


Available Options:

  • Ambient conditions probe - used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature - TA and relative humidity - RH). It can be connected to the 4-pole circular connector located above the touch screen directly or indirectly with the 2 m extension cable.
  • Plastic Carrying Case

Batemika UT-ONE BO3B 3-Channel Temperature Calibrator 10 ppm Accuracy

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