This circuit breaker diagnostic system is designed to grant the highest accuracy while testing circuit breaker. It can perform static and dynamic contact resistance measurement and it’s a precise timing speed and motion analyzer. Circuit breaker timing test set CBA 2000 is worldwide acknowledged as the perfect solution when a complete and reliable diagnostics has to be performed on circuit breakers.


  • Designed for the complete test of all circuit breakers
  • Built-in 200 A microhmmeter - static and dynamic contact resistance measurement
  • 12 auxiliary timing inputs
  • Up to 4 trip/close coils control
  • Up to 18 main and 18 resistive contact inputs
  • Circuit Breaker test with both sides connected to ground (BSG option)
  • Digital transducer option for motion analysis
  • Minimum Trip Voltage Test (optional)
  • Stand alone functionality - no PC connection is required
  • Analysis and result evaluation directly on the display
  • Internal memory for up to 500 test results and 64 pre-defined test plans.

ISA CBA 2000 HV Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Microhmmeter

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