This high-density programmable laboratory power supply series PS 9000 1U is controlled by a high-performance µ-processor controller with up to 16-bit of resolution. It features the superior flexible "auto-ranging" output for a usage at either high voltage or high current as required, within nominal power rating. It is equipped with a mono-chrome display with U/I//P values shown with up to 4 dig.


It provides for a highly stable DC output at low ripple and very fine adjustments. For external automated control, this series is equipped with an "on-board" 3-way interface (USB, LAN/Ethernet and 0-5V/0-10V isolated analogue). This series is a compact and versatile DC power testing tool for low-to-medium power components and devices providing for accurate and reproducible test data.


Product Type: DC Laboratory Power Supply
Housing: 19" rack
Voltage (U): 500.00
Current (I) Ampere: 20.00
Power (P) Watt: 3000.00
Resistance (R): Yes
Characteristic Curve: U/I/P autoranging
Human Interface: Graphicdisplay & Menue
ext. control - analogue 0-5V/0-10V: Yes
external control - GPIB (IEEE488): No
external control - USB: Yes
external control - RS232: No
external control - CAN: No
external control - LAN: Yes
external control - Profibus: No
external control - DeviceNet: No
external control - Modbus TCP: Yes

Elektro-Automatik PS 9500-20 1U 19" 3000W Laboratory power supply 500V/20A 3kW

  • Please allow 3 - 4 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Inquire for data sheets or any additional information about this product or other offerings from Elektro-Automatik.

    Comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

    • 19" 1U compact format
    • Superior Autoranging Output
    • Standard "on board" 3-way interface (USB/LAN/Analogue)
    • Single phase input 220-240V~ even for 3kW units
    • Versatile control software
    • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
    • EMC according to EN 55022 Class B
    • SCPI command language supported

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