The GOM-800 series of D.C. milliohm meters ─ GOM-804/805, feature 3.5-inch TFT display, maximum 50,000 counts measurement display, the rapid sampling rate of 60 readings per second, optimum 0.05% measurement precision, four wire measurement method as well as the temperature measurement and temperature compensation measurement function to meet the requirement of low resistance measurement application. The GOM-805 also includes various drive modes and Dry circuit for contact resistance measurement applications. More features, including 20 sets of panel setting memory and many external control interface such as RS-232C, USB, Handler/Scan/EXT IO and GPIB, greatly elevate GOM-804/805 milliohm meter’s convenience on practical applications.


GOM-804/805 adopt 3.5-inch color LCD to enhance the clarity of measurement results and to provide display for related setting criteria that tremendously brings up the completeness of test information. Additionally, GOM-804/805, with the optimum 0.05% precision, augment the measurement speed to 60 sampling rate per second and maintain the display digits of five instead of four despite of different speed selections. Furthermore, the independent functionality keys and direction keys together increase the operational convenience which allows users to complete their measurement tasks with intuitive convenience and speed. GOM-805 provides Dry circuit and various drive modes (DC+, DC-, Pulsed, PWM) for measurement applications on different materials.


Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. Comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

GW Instek GOM-805 DC Milli-Ohm Meter with Handler, RS-232, USB, GPIB

    • 50,000 counts
    • 3.5” (320 x 240) TFT LCD display
    • High accuracy of 0.05% precision
    • 1Amp test current, 0.1µΩ resolution
    • Fast measurement of 60 readings per second
    • Four wire resistance measurement
    • Temperature compensation measurement function
    • Delayed measurement
    • 20 sets of panel setting memory
    • Dry circuit (GOM-805 only)
    • Drive modes (GOM-805) : DC+/DC-, Pulsed, PWM, Zero, Standby
    • Drive modes (GOM-804) : DC+, Standby
    • Interface: USB device, RS-232C, Handler/Scan/EXT I/O, and GPIB