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GEO416 is a innovative earth ground resistance tester designed to performing Earth Resistance measurements with 3-pole standards method typically in industrial electrical installations environments which consists of single probes and more or less wide earth networks. This meter can perform also 2-pole measure (where auxiliary metal parts are available) extremely important in civil environments where 3-pole method application is not possible for logistical reasons.


The earth ground resistance tester GEO416 performs tests with a high measurement range (up to 50kOhm) with a test current at high frequency in order to consider and eliminate noise voltages disturb on installation. Earth Resistivity test measure with 4-wire method it’s also very useful on preliminary calculation of earth installation dimension. A contextual help selectable by user it’s available on meter for each functions.


The model can save each test result inside memory and can transfer saved dates to PC through optical / USB interface with dedicated Windows software.


Identical to the Amprobe GP-2A.


This Item is in-stock, there is no lead time.

HT Instruments - GEO416 Earth Ground Earth Resistance Tester Amprobe GP-2 Design


    • 2-pole Earth Resistance
    • 3-pole Earth Resistance
    • 4-pole Earth Resistivity
    • High measurement range (50kOhm)
    • Noise voltage measure
    • Automatic calibration of test cables resistance
    • Memory for saving tests
    • Backlight
    • Optical /USB PC interface